Est. 2012

Grandi & Sons Metalworks is our small family business established and ran from our hometown shop since 2012. While we provide welding services and create unique fabrications for our local community, we are excited to be growing our business as we extend our services to you, as well!

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Fireplace Doors...Medieval Times

Hours of brainstorming, back-and-forth ideas with a customer, and finally getting to create this piece from start to finish was quite the job...and very rewarding to have a happy customer. Such an awesome final product...for now. More pieces to come to complete the whole project.

Please email us here if you'd like to discuss a personalized project for you.
  • Welder by trade

    Welding is where Matt got started in his metalworks journey many years ago. Creating, fabricating, and seeing something come to life, is one of his biggest passions when it comes to this hands-on trade.

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  • & Sons

    When you find Matt in the garage, you will usually find 1 to all 3 of his little buddies right with him. He has been teaching these guys how to weld since they were each 5 years old, and most recently, 2 of them have had their hands at hitting the anvil! Can't wait to share some custom-made items by each of them!

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